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Alia – Minimal Personal Blog

Alia is a premium WordPress theme with minimal & clean design for personal or business blogs, super easy settings, light and ultra fast page speed and perfect typography and spacing made for readability to offer bloggers and readers the best experience of writing & reading without distractions ever.

As a blog owner, we’ve made it even simpler for you to build your blog and start blogging in less than 4 minutes. See how easy and simple it is to create and customize your personal Alia Personal Blog theme blog.


Video Guide to Alia:

1- Install 48 seconds of the Alia Theme

2- In 98 Seconds, customize your blog

3- Add Your Blog Content

4- Build in 58 seconds your blog menu


Happy blogging, and it’s done,

Wait … There is one more thing we still have! Just talk to us at any time if you have any problems, questions or feedback. We respond in minutes to our customers and are very responsive to their feedback. You can read reviews of customers to see how much they love us. Finally, if as described, Alia doesn’t work for you, ask us for money back

We crafted every element of the theme perfectly to work perfectly out-of-the-box for you. You just install the theme and, without any effort, begin blogging in minutes.

We also made Alia simple to customize to match your needs while keeping Alia minimal. With minimum experience, the live customizer can customize your personal or company blog blog.


Why buy a theme for Alia?

  1. If Alia theme didn’t make your blog look amazing and clean as you expected, you can simply ask for a refund. We care only about making your blog amazing.
  2. Typography specialists design a theme to make your visitors read more content and spend more time on your blog.
  3. A perfect and simple design that works without tons of settings for everyone.
  4. SEO experts review and test the design to bring more search engine visitors to your site.
  5. You can talk to developers at any time, respond in minutes, and respond to your feedback very responsively.
  6. We can assist you on your website to install the theme and customize it for free so that you don’t waste any time, just concentrate on writing great content.
  7. Our team can review your website for free and provide you with technical advice to make your blog look amazing as you dream, just PM us with your website url, and on the same day we will review it.
  8. We’ve got tons of awesome features coming in the next few weeks, and we’re releasing frequent updates to keep the theme fresh and perfect.
  9. New blog theme for top sales and highly rated by clients who used it.
  10. We take performance seriously and have created one of the market’s lightest and fastest themes. To make the theme performance incredible, we carefully wrote every line of code, and we are still working on performance improvement.


7 Perfectly crafted post formats for everyone

You can add your content in 7 different formats with the Alia theme, no matter who you are and what you are using your blog for, Alia is well designed to meet the needs of all types of content creators. We have created each element of the theme in high-quality code and design, so if you use it to show galleries, videos or just write plain texts, your blog will look great.

Standard text Post Format If you’re a type of blogger who writes amazing content but doesn’t care about the post ‘s pictures. The design of Alia will make your awesome content appear even better. We spent days working on the standard post format and testing every part of the text-only post to make the quality of the design match the quality of your content.

Image Post Format Images are Alia’s dress, making your blog look colorful and clever. With a focus on both images and texts, we have designed the image post format. So pictures are going to look right as you want, while texts are still clean and minimal, so readers are never distracted.

You can display your video content in minimal design with Video Post format with Alia design, and you can add video banner posts from Youtube , Vimeo, your local server or any other video provider.

Gallery Post Format In Alia, you can easily add gallery posts if you create creative works and want to show your fans your galleries.

Audio Post Format As a banner for your posts, you can add audio content from Soundcloud or your local server.

Status Post Format With status posts, you use posts in your blog posts from your social media profiles as a post banner.

Aside Post Format Aside Post Format allows you to add pure, short text without a title or more information. Something like a Twitter or Facebook status tweet. This is what you need to write great ideas that are not long enough to be written in an article.


Download Alia – Minimal Personal Blog




Last Updated: July 9, 2020

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