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Shoptimizer is a product of CommerceGurus, a leading WordPress theme company based on designing themes which are designed for WooCommerce. We are renowned for making WordPress themes easy to handle and intuitive for eCommerce websites.

CommerceGurus is one of the biggest WooCommerce theme vendors on the ThemeForest marketplace, with over 10,000 customers.

CommerceGurus has already mentioned 13 WordPress themes in ThemeForest. The Shoptimizer style, however, is sold exclusively on their website.

Starting with a Shoptimizer
Like other premium WooCommerce themes, with too many menu options, Shoptimizer doesn’t obstruct your WordPress interface. The WordPress Customizer provides all the theme options, so you can preview the changes without having to turn back and forth between your editor and the preview screen.

Upon installing the theme, Shoptimizer recommends you install a free plugin, Kirki, for the best customizer experience. The Kirki plugin gives the WordPress Customizer a wealth of user experience.

You can find several different menus in your customizer after installation as seen in the screenshot below. Then you can change the color palettes, alter speed settings, configure header and navigation and more within your customizer.

Let ‘s look at how Shoptimizer stakes up against other common themes in WooCommerce.

1. The most optimised theme for WooCommerce
If you are starting an eCommerce store using WooCommerce for the first time, then the Shoptimizer theme could be the best option for you. With WooCommerce, the topic makes it easy to monitor your own info.

Based on the recommended practices suggested by Baymard, a large-scale UX-research institute for eCommerce, shoptimizer was created.

2. One-click Download Demo
With Shoptimizer, the demo content can be conveniently enabled on your WordPress build. In only one click you can easily add a magnificent home page, profile, email, FAQs, and sales pages. Only install and enable the plugin One Click Demo Import by navigating to Appearance » Download Plugins.

You can change the content and design according to your needs after downloading the demo content, without having to build from scratch. Which means you can quickly launch a conversion-optimized WooCommerce store without having to touch any code, even if you’re an absolute novice at WordPress.

3. Built for Speed and Conversions
Website speed is one of the key aspects of an eCommerce store. Even a second delay will cost you a great deal of revenue and sales. Not to mention, when you choose a WordPress theme for your WooCommerce shop you can’t compromise on pace.

Shoptimizer is highly optimized for performance on the network and on servers. Below are several ways in which Shoptimizer stacks up in efficiency and pace.

4. Boost SEO in your Brand Category
Beyond a question, getting category pages well designed will earn you high rankings for the keywords you ‘re targeting. In reality, the category pages make navigating to your website easy for your users and search engines. This allows the customers to easily narrow down their options and find the right items.

Shoptimizer has added an additional area for product categories to improve your SEO category. Which means you can add additional keyword-rich copy below your category page for better placement of search results, in addition to adding the featured category text and an picture to the top.

Also the theme comes with the correct markup you need. It makes the search engines understand the website’s content better.

5. Best Shopping Experience
To provide customers with the best shopping experience, Shoptimizer provides handpicked eCommerce features which have proven to expand your eCommerce business to the next level.

Here’s how Shoptimizer is giving the users the best shopping experience.

Discovery of Easy Product:

Your consumers do not actually have to leave the website when looking for their products to see the top results. The search function auto-complete automatically displays results below the search bar. Which means the customers will be able to select the right product in seconds.

Help to super menu:

Creating a super menu is a perfect way to highlight the items you featured in your top navigation bar. That way, you can display a dropdown with your top items and subcategories when a user hovers over a menu object.

6. Works with Major Page Builders
Some of the great things about Shoptimizer is it fits for all the big page constructors. If you are looking for a WooCommerce theme with your favorite WordPress page builder that works best, then Shoptimizer could be the best choice.

Documentation and Unterstützung
The Shoptimizer theme is available solely on the CommerceGurus website as opposed to other themes.

The Shoptimizer theme can be bought for just $99. The GPLv2 license (or later) allows you to use the theme on as many pages as you want. Your single purchase, however, entitles you to help at one location. Shoptimizer is shipped with a notification system which prompts new updates to you in the admin panel.

Their guides can direct you through every aspect of creating a Shoptimizer Web site. We offer support by email.

Our verdict on WooCommerce Stores shoptimizer
If you are looking for an all-in-one WordPress theme to run a WooCommerce powered eCommerce shop, then we highly recommend that you install Shoptimizer.

Like most other premium WooCommerce themes, Shoptimizer doesn’t obstruct the abundance of menu choices in your WordPress admin. All theme options are included in your WordPress customizer, meaning you can conveniently configure your website by using the live version, without having to turn back and forth between your editor and the version.

The importer of dummy content makes it simple to build a beautiful website in minutes and not hours. Since it supports most page builders in WordPress, building a website is a breeze with Shoptimizer.

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