Download Free Feminine – WordPress Theme For Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel And Beauty Bloggers

Feminine – WordPress Theme For Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel And Beauty Bloggers

The Feminine WordPress theme is aesthetically designed for everything you need to build the best feminine website with girly concept, color and careful consideration. Three unique post layouts and three slider layouts come with this best feminine WordPress theme that gives you enough customization choices.

It has a visually attractive Instagram section and an incredibly sophisticated portfolio layout and genuine signature support. This girly WordPress theme is suitable for endless feminine blog ideas and the options that are superbly simple to use allow you to customize it to suit your unique taste.

You can not afford to ignore the correct design, typography and color choice if you want to build a successful website that captures the attention of a large feminine audience.

You will immediately lose the confidence of every new visitor who lands on your homepage when you have a site that is ineptly designed. To push down your bounce rate and keep more visitors glued to your pages, you should always evaluate the need to redesign your existing site.

In particular, Google gives search engines serious emphasis on ranking sites based on user experience. User experience is important for the success of your site’s ranking.

The user experience of your site should be based on the core concept of connecting with your audience and satisfying the innate curiosity of each visitor with extremely valuable content that is presented in a very palatable manner.

Almost all leading web design experts agree on one point with regard to feminine website designs. Every design aimed at a girl’s audience needs to have a feminine perspective. This includes your choice of colors, used images, fonts, and even the design’s intricate features.

In order to enhance the visual appeal of the final product, the feminine audience pays close attention to small details, and therefore, every pixel needs to be placed with precision.

It takes time and money to generate great feminine web design, especially if you are looking for something unique that is way above the usual generic girl sites.

You may want to enhance the design or improve its functionality if you have an existing WordPress site for a girlie audience.

It is not easy to begin design from scratch, we must acknowledge, but the results of the final product can be very rewarding. If you can find a place to start and build on something remarkable, it’s useful.

We know that you probably tried all the feminine WordPress themes out there, but you weren’t satisfied with that.

In this case, you need a WordPress theme that is scalable, easy to customize, and also doesn’t limit your options or crash your website immediately after you activate it.

We certainly have the best solution for you, whether you’re upgrading your current WordPress girl website or starting a new website, this theme will work for you.

Introducing WordPress’ Best Feminine Theme

We have been thoroughly researching the need for a feminine WordPress theme for a long time that truly represents your feminine audience’s expectations.

In our analysis, we discovered that most of the feminine subjects are devoid of significant characteristics and qualities that relate to this audience.

We understand that trying out one theme after another without getting what you want can be very frustrating. To satisfy the needs of your audience, we decided to create this Feminine WordPress theme that goes above and beyond.

7 Layouts Predefined

Nothing makes it easy for you to get started with the right demos that inspire you to look at your site.

We have pre-packaged six predefined layouts with a 1-click install function that allows you to install any of the six demos in a matter of minutes. The six predefined layouts which you can choose from are the following:

Amazing versatile layout that allows you to set up a feminine WordPress website regardless of our niche, as it fits a wide range of niches. Default Layout This is a multipurpose design that gives you the freedom to set up any WordPress website that is feminine. It is possible to use this incredible quick installation theme layout to set up a myriad of different feminine websites quickly.

Fashion Layout- The perfect color combination, icons, magnificent image effects and advanced typography accentuate an impeccable layout to bring out the aura of girly fashion style and glamour. For fashion enthusiasts who aspire to create a stunning feminine fashion blog that goes wild on Instagram, the fashion layout is suitable!

Trendy Layout-This trendy layout is extremely helpful in creating trendy girly sites that can go viral within days of launch. In the trendy layout, the social media connection features will ensure that your site goes viral and visitors emotionally share your content.

Style Layout- This perfect pixel layout is ideal for creative professionals who want female audiences to have a style website. To display content that impresses and dazzles your visitors, you can use this layout. Each design element of this style layout is perfectly laid down.

Gossip Layout-You can use this layout through social media platforms such as Instagram to spread your gossip news like wildfire. Intuitively designed, this Gossip layout maximizes the engagement of your audience with the excellent features of social media sharing.

Portfolio Layout-Creative professionals have this outstanding portfolio layout to elegantly display their work. The portfolio layout is appropriate for a wide range of creative professionals who want a stylish portfolio to be created.

Girl Power Layout- Create beautiful and powerful blog posts with this unique layout about female health, recreation, makeup and much more.

Feminine WordPress Theme Features

Let me briefly outline the Feminine WordPress theme features that allow you to use this theme for multiple niche projects that include fashion, nutrition, fitness, mom’s work at home, beauty, gardening, and much more.

These features will allow you to easily customize the WordPress Feminine theme to suit any project you may have in mind. We just gave you the power to dream and execute any girly project that you want.

Here is the full list of the feminine WordPress theme features:

Unique Theme Design with seven layouts predefined

3 Layouts for Slider

3 Post Layouts Options Options

Section on Instagram

Feed Widget for Instagram

Widget for About Me

Support for Signature

Unique Page Portfolio

Ad Header

Header Drag and Drop Sections

Single Post Views show

Ready SEO

Optimized AdSense

Optimized Speed

14 Tailored Widgets

Mobile Menu Off-Canvas

Options for Unlimited Color

Colors for Unlimited Background

Loading Ajax

Effect Parallax

Effect zoomOut

Awesome Icons font

1 Click Install

1 Click the Updates button

Progressive Typography

Box Author

Feminine WordPress Theme Options

The feminine WordPress theme allows you to build a warm, lovely and beautiful WordPress theme for girls and gives you the freedom to change how it looks with options that are easy to use.

With hundreds of options that are unnecessary and confusing, we have a fundamental belief that we should not have our themes bloated.

For this reason, we make all of our themes easy for everyone to use and also ensure that we provide you with unlimited support until you achieve your business objectives.

The following are the options for the feminine WordPress theme that will help you personalize this theme to be as unique as you want:

General Configuration

Upload Image of a Logo

Add a Favicon file

Touch Icon Mobile Devices Upload

Add an icon for Metro

Enter a username for Twitter

URL Feedburner Option

Add Scripts to the Section Header

Footer Code Option, such as code for Google Analytics

Pick from 4 Various Pagination Options

Enable AJAX Quick Search

Enable or Disable Responsivity

Language Support Right To Left

Pick the number of products to be displayed by WooCommerce

Settings on Performance

Enable or Deactivate Prefetching

Lazy Load Slow loading of images Enable or Disable

Enable JavaScript Async

Remove Parameters ver

Scripts Optimize WooCommerce

Styling Configurations

Select a Scheme of Primary Color

Select a Scheme for Secondary Color

Two Left Sidebar or Right Sidebar Layout Post Styles

Site Selection Background Color

63 Background Patterns, Select Gradient or Upload Image Options

Enable or Disable Effect Parallax

Custom Option for CSS

Enable or Turn off Lightbox

Header Configurations

Enable or Disable Sections for Header Layout

Add Top Social Icons Navigation

Set Background Color, Pattern or Custom Image header

Floating Navigation Menu Enable or Disable

Select Color, Pattern or Image Background Menu

Footer Configurations

Section Enable or Disable Instagram

Select Title Section of Instagram

Choose a username for Instagram

Enable Widgets with Footer

3 or 4 Widgets Layout Footer Layout Selector

Select Footer BG Upload Color, Pattern or Custom Image

Enable or Disable Effect Parallax

Copy Copyrights BG Upload Color, Pattern, Gradient or Picture

Text Copyrights-Replace MyThemeShop Link Footer

Homepage Configurations

Home Slider Enable or Disable

Full Width Slider, Boxed Slider or Carousel Slider-Choose Slider Type

Select Categories of Slider

Select the number of posts to show

Add a personalized slider

Choose Categories Featured

Display or Hide Categories

Post Option Listing

Enable or Disable Post Homepage Meta Info

Single Post Configurations

Drag and Drop Sections Enable or Disable Layout

Enable or Disable Show Layout for Single Post Title

Select Meta Info To Display

Signature Image Enable or Disable

Upload Default Image Signature

Make Breadcrumbs Enable or Disable

Enable or Disable Links to next or previous articles

Enable or Disable Author highlighting Comments

In Comments, Enable or Disable Date

Settings for Portfolio

Select Heading for Portfolio

Select the number of posts to display.

Choose Pagination for Portfolio

Options for social buttons

Choose the position of social buttons either above or below the content or floating

Enable Buttons for Social Sharing on Pages

Builder for Drag & Drop Social Buttons

Ad Management, Ad Management

Title Ad Slot Below & Post

After X Days, Show Ads

Post Content Ad Slot Below

After X Days, Show Ads

Sidebar Configurations

Create Personalized Sidebars

Select Homepage Sidebar

Pick the Single Post Sidebar

Select Single Page Sidebars

Choose an Archive Sidebar

Select Sidebar for Archive Category

Choose the Tag Archive Sidebar

Select Sidebar for Archive Date

Select Sidebar for the Archive of Authors

Select Sidebar for Search

Select the 404 Error Sidebar

Choose the sidebar for the Pages Shop

Select Single Product Sidebar

Settings of Typography

Advanced Typography Options-Collection Add or Collection Reset

Choose Sets of Characters

Settings for Translation

Enable panel for translation

Settings for Support

Open Forum for Support

Feminine WordPress theme has all these intuitive features that allow you to create your unique girly site quickly and easily within minutes of installing this theme.

You now have the freedom to build a fully-fledged feminine website using this girly WordPress theme and amass a huge following on Instagram.


Download Free Feminine WordPress Theme



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