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Bridge Features

Bridge is potentially far more than a Multiporpose Theme. The number of features and choices is so growing that a beginner can get a little daunting.

Besides being able to configure the web at a general level, you have the option to customize each page almost as you wish.

Perhaps this is where I see the negative aspect, in the sense that the redesign and simplification of all the elements will be important to make navigation more convenient for the user.

Just like they have fixed that all the settings should be reordered in a navigation panel in the general options section, as the pages are endless with so many possibilities.

Besides that detail, I find it to be a very good thing, and certainly a luxury. Even though there are a lot of choices, visually configuring has little to do with using code.

Bridge theme has 24 conceptual designs. With this you are able to build the most creative interface from the simplest page for a blog.

It integrates Layer Slider for complicated issues and its own slider, Qode Slider, as a solution to the presentations, something simpler but still very effective and beautifully incorporated into the center of the theme that enables you to view images or videos and is completely sensitive.

You have your own carousel framework as an option, with which you can create any taxonomy and customize any theme on that. Customers for example, logos, etc.

Two types of Custom Post Forms and Testimonials (portfolio).

Headers which are entirely customizable. Upper and lateral, each with its own configuration.

Growing page can have its own header which can be configured in turn with a light, dark or translucent colour.

It has different choices about the menus. A Mega Menu, a streamlined one with a simple button and even an auxiliary side menu which opens when you click on the main menu.

The Mega menu can be designed for desktop as well as mobile, creating wide or regular submenus, adding elements, icons and practically any template that uses anchors for one page websites.

A side menu on the left can also be modified where you can change a background picture, play with light variations if you make it translucent and place it on top of a slider.

The possibility of configuration in terms of page titles is very curious and moreover fascinating. You may customize it on a general level or per page with different effects and animations, colors, and dividers.

As for the footer you can break it into up to 4 columns and customize it with different effects and transitions.

Page design with Visual Composer provides infinite possibilities, to which all the theme’s own shortcodes must be applied.

These involve a whole host of interactive features that are available for any kind of design you might think of.

The Portfolio and Blog treatment is very full, and you have plenty of design options. From classics to creative ones.

Bridge Theme involves information such as the possibility of building a border across the whole site (Passepartout Border) or the possibility of splitting the screen into two parts and the vertically moving pictures, producing a beautiful split effect on the pictures.

It also contains 2 icon packs so that you can choose between the well-known « Awesome Font » or « Elegant Font ». Come on, to every bite!

Automatic updates, so the theme doesn’t have to be changed by FTP. This is very interesting because the Bridge Theme is so regularly updated and so many new features are introduced to nearly every version.


Flexible setup

Gigantic! … Too many of you will be freaked out by your mouse wheel! When you start searching … Luckily, they have added shortcuts to each section at the bottom to partially solve the navigability. I imagine this will need to be updated and improved over time.


General Installation

The theme can be planned in aspects such as the type of fonts to use, the primary and secondary colors, backgrounds, widths and design styles, and the triggering of various animations and effects that will be present in the theme ‘s service.

Bridge offers the chance, to give you an example, that the transitions between pages are the normal ones, or with fade effect.

You can even use custom CSS, Javascript code and you can also customize different SVG css code (Scalable vector format graphics)

Just add the Google Analytics ID and use the SEO tools it provides (if you wish). You can use any plugin form Yoast, All in One, etc. if you disconnect.

Logo Setup

You can upload them for inclusion in the headings and also decide which logos will be loaded to Dark or White in the predefined skin.

It is fascinating if you set the theme to white for example, but suddenly you make it dark on a page (a landing).

In that case, the page’s header will load the logo you’ve defined for the dark color, and load the one you’ve defined for the light color in all the others.

Header settings

OK! They are taking the palm here, and curling the hair. I think I can tell without fear of being incorrect that I haven’t seen a pattern for headings like Bridge so far (and I know some …) with a configuration point. You can also say how many pixels the Sticky Header has to scroll for it to appear.

That header type has its own individualisation with a wide range of possibilities. Borders, colors, transparencies, when and how, backgrounds, effects, animations, search bar, device settings, buttons, icons, etc.

Configuration Footer

It has not as many choices as the header (no need to!), but many parameters can be modified.

Among other items, independently match the contents of each column, or add some results.

You can also pick whether you want a second copyright component or a message that you want to add at the end of the page and, of course, with all the configurables.

Settings to the title page

They have been really cautious in this segment too. Something as basic as the title page has made it into a lot of options allowing you to almost turn it into a slider, without being so, but endowing it with animations and effects that are common for you.

As a result you have plenty of concept possibilities, from the classic to the most striking and interesting.

Font and design configurations

Qode’s boys have not been hanging around with little girls and in this sense regulation is absolute in the face of the sensitive issue.

With parameters such as colour , size, height, form, style, thickness and spacing, you can customize every heading (h1, h2, h3 …) in detail.

On desktops, tablets and mobiles you can also render configuration independent.

In-body configuration, menus, headings, footers, names, subtitles and portfolio.

Many Parameters

Elements Parameters

You can customize the default options which control Bridge shortcode ‘s general conduct.

Separators, buttons, message boxes, blockquotes, social icons, testimonials, counters, bars for development, tabs, fields for data, dropdowns, galleries …

Configuring the Blog

Infinite! … In the blog presentation the design provides various types and each and every one of them has its own unique configuration to unsuspected limits.

Blog settings include Blog List, single posts, links, slider and pagination style.

Configuring the Portfolio

It has to be said that Bridge developers have been paying close attention to the Portfolio and it provides very interesting information.

If you want to work on a Portfolio that is really tailor-made for you, Bridge is your WordPress prototype, almost definitely.

Vertical splitting lever

I mentioned it before. It’s a sort of slider you’ll (for now) see very little. This consists of splitting the screen into two sections, and then there is a transition from one image to another.

The image is divided into 2 fractures, and they come together. The fact is, this impact is shocking.

The reality is that simulation is simpler than describing it. Here is only one example.

Limited adaptations

Besides all of the above, you can also make small modifications … (Sometimes not even that minor!).

Also sharing social icon buttons, 404 page layout, contact page, parallax effect, maintenance mode, Visual Composer and finally reset setup.

As something strange and mysterious, taking into account the template ‘s possibilities, it does not have an option today which allows configuration settings to be saved.

When we think about the amount of settings available, if the theme is reset by mistake after you’ve got it to your taste, it might give you a syncope! I imagine that they will have it later in portfolio.

The Pages Setup

Even if not as broad as the general one, both static and post pages provide the possibility to split the overall template and build a different one.

Which is, you can configure almost entirely whatever the general configuration. With the static pages this is the same as for the forum or portfolio.

Guaranteed consistency

If you are planning to link a store to your website, Bridge Theme has complete compatibility with Woocommerce and if you want multiple languages, you can use WPML without any problem. Bridge has CSS integration with Gravity Forms if you need a really advanced forms system and if you need a more simple form you can use the styles with the Contact Form 7.

It doesn’t mean Bridge just supports such plugins. On the contrary, you can easily use the regular ones like the most common SEO, cache, and encryption plugins.

Optimisation of bridge concept

If you’ve read and seen everything I’ve just written and come this far, maybe one of the doubts you get is the usual one that it’s a really heavy theme with lots of choices and it’s going to take a long time to load.

Okay I’m so sorry to mislead you! For the experiments you will see below, you’ll hallucinate. The performance far from misery is truly outstanding, given the extensive use of Ajax and Javascript in Bridge Theme. The reality is that you would need to use only a few plugins beyond the normal ones as the theme has practically everything, but these data will give you a good picture of the quality of this template creation.

In order to be unbiased data I prepared a demo in my hosting and thus we stop assuming that they are more configured as they are their demos. Contrary to what it sounds, the applications built are generally very badly configured and the tests don’t allow you to believe you ‘re going to have a good optimisation. This is something that happens to virtually every creator. I don’t blame them either, because they seem to be many and it’s hard to resist.

The results are:

bridge gtmetrix result

bridge pingdom result

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