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Admania is great WordPress theme for Adsense users and Affiliate Marketers that has been developed specifically timprove their Ad earnings by the the click-through rate (CTR). This excellent Adsense ready design is 100 percent compliant 
with Gutenberg and thus supports all native Gutenberg blocks. In addition, the Admania WordPress theme supports AMP feature and dedicated mobile design for a beautiful smartphone look. Because website loading speed is the ranking factor for Google, we’ve done the speed optimization techniques and scored high in the site speed tests to provide the fast loading website.

The exciting feature of this ad-friendly WordPress theme is having user-friendly settings that allow you to add / edit the Ads through the front-end ad live editor. Where do you want the ad banners put on your site? We have received several options for repairing your ads on your website’s Homepage, Blogs, and other sites. You can also show the sticky Ad at the bottom of your site ‘s article, text, and sidebars and get loads of CTR potentials. And right now, Admaina is compliant with shortcode and so you can use the shortcodes without any trouble for all the theme ‘s Ad choices.

Admania has over 20 amazing templates that allow you to insert the ads at the high-conversion locations and gently encourage your audience to select them. Not only the Ad-fixing functionality, but this best Adsense WordPress theme also includes impressive features such as ad-blocker detection and ad-rotation for split testing ads to skyrocket your ad revenue. In addition, we recently introduced the “Homepage Widget Builder” to build the custom homepage by simply dragging & dropping the desired widgets and getting the pages tailored for the website.

We are pleased to say that this WordPress theme for advertising space has more than 12 types of Ad units such as Header Ad, Sidebar Ad, Gallery Ad, Rotate Ad, Post Inner Ad, Post Left & Right side sticky Ads, Header & Footer sticky Ads to add the Ads anywhere on your platform. The new revamped features include Woocommerce, Calendar Events, Ready to Translate, WPML and RTL compatible to improve functionality. Only try Admania and improve your conversions to Adsense revenue and affiliate sales by increasing your engaging Ads at the logical locations.


Admania Main Features

Ad positioning is an important part of enticing users to click on ads. The Admania theme optimizes ad placement to help you monetise your website effectively. Below are a few main thematic features.

Widget Creator

WordPress widgets allow to attach features to a website through non-coders. To create a custom homepage, Admania comes with its own widget builder by simply dragging and dropping your desired widgets on your web. You can also spread your sidebars, footers, pages and posts within the theme.

Tools for Positioning Ads

Admania has 20 ad-optimized formats for you to place ads in high-conversion areas. You can change advertisements directly in the theme with the Front-End Ad Live Editor, without logging into your WordPress dashboard. Plus, sticky ads can be shown on your site’s posts and sidebars to maximize click-throughs.

Speed Optimisation

Speed optimisation guarantees an ideal website experience for the guests. You don’t want to wait for your tourists to load their pages — wasting an opportunity to click on an ad.

The Admania framework makes use of various resources to improve page speed. For example, Gtmetrix checks your pages at seven different global locations to make sure all your visitors around the world load the pages quickly. Google’s PageSpeed Analytics analyzes the quality of your web pages and then makes recommendations for faster loading of your pages.

Subscriptions boxes

This feature helps you to collect the email addresses of your guests to continue the email marketing relationship with the guests. You can the a subscription box on the sidebars, sliders, and posts on your website to allow visitors to opt-in to your newsletter. This way, you can send emails with links to your website to subscribers, enabling them to re-engage with your AdSense advertising.

Support to WooCommerce

Admania comes with WooCommerce app support to help you build an e-commerce website. Using several payment gateway options to add a shop for site visitors to buy your goods and services. And, even if consumers aren’t purchasing directly from your shop, they can click on the related advertising to earn you money.

Google AdSense lets you make money by putting advertising on your website. You can gain more money from advertisers by increasing the click-through levels. With the Admania theme, you can customize your website for ads through multi-ad placement templates, page speed optimisation tests, and WooCommece integration to create an e-commerce shop. Continue today improving your ad revenue.




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