Free Download Gravity Flow – Build Workflow Applications With Gravity Forms

Gravity Flow – Build Workflow Applications With Gravity Forms

Automate business processes for you. Transform the chaos of your email and spreadsheet into safe, scalable and effective workflow systems. Built for Gravity Forms & WordPress. Contract review, feedback, modification and approval of an advanced workflow platform for WordPress Medical supplies order method Customer onboarding and course content dripping University admissions application processing Scientific research laboratory experiment proposal feedback loop and approval Patient intake Employee vacation requests.

Contract review, feedback, alteration and approval-Medical supplies order process-Customer onboarding and course content dripping-Processing of university admissions applications-Feedback loop and approval of scientific research laboratory experiment proposal-Patient intake-Employee vacation applications-Employee travel applications-Purchase order approvals-Expense reimbursement-A Courier Dispatch



Gravity Flow needs WordPress and Gravity Forms, which are self-hosted. It’s not compatible with sites on


Suitable for the process of any business workflow

Vacation applications, Purchase Orders, Admissions Forms, RFPs, Initiation Plans for Projects, Case Management… any form requiring a process.


Enhancing communication and reducing confusion

Stop being micro-managed. Keep in the loop, everybody. Help internal teams concentrate more on the assignment and less on the process. Make it simple to involve customers and suppliers in the workflow.


Front-end Responsive

View the front-end user interface or use the built-in admin pages to list pending tasks, view entry details, workflow forms, and submission status.


Feedback Loops & Branching the Process

Implement review loops that allow users to modify their values before submitting them for approval again. To branch the process or skip steps, use workflow conditional logic.


Trail audit

Keep track of who in the detailed Timeline and Activity Log did what and when. Comments, timestamps and information on steps and status are included.


Extensible & Friendly for the Developer

Using the Workflow Step API, developers can easily customize the functionality with actions and filters, and create new step types. Entry values can be sent to external systems at any stage in the Webhook workflow step.


An Open Platform for Source

Gravity Flow runs on WordPress (Single or Multi-Site) and requires a Gravity Forms license.


Anyone involved: Internal or External

Assign Users, Roles or Email Addresses to Steps. To participate, the Assignee doesn’t need to have a user account.


Quick implementation

Simple & easy-to-use configuration, Drag & Drop and Point & Click. There is no need for programming, technical knowledge or complex training.


Flexible & Powerful

Set up as many workflow steps as you require. Drag and drop them in the correct order, and as your process adapts, activate/deactivate them and add new ones. Steps include approval, input/edit for the user, notification, webhooks and triggers for integration.


Reporting with

Reports show charts by form, step and assignee, so that before they occur, you can identify bottlenecks.


Scheduling for Us

Delay a step of the workflow until a specified date or until a specified time period has elapsed; especially useful when setting up a series of emails to drip content over a period of time.


Granular Authorizations

Control who is able to submit forms, approve entries, change values, and display status. Users can only see the status of their own submissions by default. Support for access to field level.


Automatic Updates= Secure Site = Secure Site

When new releases are available, administrators can update them with just one click on the dashboard. Background updates will automatically install important bug fixes and security improvements when enabled without the need for an administrator to intervene.

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