Free Download Give – Annual Receipts

Give – Annual Receipts

Provide a yearly overview of your donations to your donors and download PDFs for their tax and accounting needs.

A detailed history of the Donor’s Giving History

For a given year, empower your donors to see and download records of their donations. For year-end tax purposes, the Annual Receipts add-on provides your website with the tools that your donors need. This allows them, for tax purposes, to provide their accountants with the information necessary to report on their annual charitable giving. Providing your donors with this convenience encourages their trust in your organization so that they may be more inclined to continue financially supporting your organization.


With Add-on for Annual Receipts:

For their records and tax purposes, donors are able to download a record of all donations within a given year.

Using the contact info and donation totals within the annual receipt, accountants can use the record of their client’s donations to accurately file their charitable contribution deductions.

This convenient method of delivering annual receipts to donors can be used by charities and site administrators to fulfill their charitable receipt obligations.


How This Works

The Annual Receipts add-on was designed to be simple for administrators to set up and easy for donors to access. The first step once you have installed and activated the add-on is to configure the receipt language to suit your charities needs. To make this easier for you, we’ve provided a template based on common usage. After that no further customization is necessary. Your donors can access their annual donation history receipts automatically (see screenshots below).


Additional Features

Customizable End of Year date (for countries that have different tax years)

Works with Recovery of Fees and Recurring Donations (renewals are displayed as line items)

For a nicely branded receipt, customizable logo

Provide in the footer any text you would like before or after the receipt and


Download Give – Annual Receipts



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