Free Download Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin

Cool Timeline Pro is an advanced WordPress timeline plugin that shows the timeline of your life history or the story timeline of your company in a horizontal or vertical chronological order that is responsive depending on the year and date of your posts. Creating a timeline theme is the best plugin. By using this awesome timeline template maker plugin, you can also convert your blog posts into a blog timeline.


Cool Characteristics of Cool Timeline Pro


Turn Your Blog into a Timeline


Horizontal Timeline Creation


Creating Step by Step Timeline Tutorials


In Timeline, Add Cool Icons


Create a Post-Type Timeline


Create multiple timeline stories within your WordPress website or blog-Create unlimited timeline stories.


Timeline Scrolling Navigation-Navigate your timeline quickly and easily with a beautiful scrolling navigation within your timeline.


Historical Dates-Allow any year to be set (even before 0-BC / AD).


Stories Content Format-In your story, add various content types such as video, slideshow, image.


Stories Management of Categories-Include stories in a specific category.


Advanced Style Options-Personalize styles with your own colors.


Effects for Animation? Add animation effects to the scrolling timeline.


Stories In Popup Images? Display images of stories in popups.


Stories Images Slideshow-Insert slideshow images into stories.


Mobile View of Compatibility


Usage by shortcode


Installation easy? Buy, zip, read the docs, download


Compatible with all major browsers, with IE included? Supported from IE9 to IE11, Chrome , Firefox, and Safari




Layout of Single Sided Timeline


Dark, light, multiColour Timeline Multiple Colour Skins


Stories Feature for Pagination


Creative effects for Animation


Create multiple timelines with distinct skin colors


ASC / DESC (Adjust Stories Order) Using Shortcode


Add Date Time Along With Stories


Choose any historical year (from Year 1000 onwards)


Using shortcode to create multiple timelines


Add Timeline Slidershow, Video, Images


Using Category Option to Manage Stories


In the Sidebar, add Beautiful Scroll Navigation


Download Cool Timeline Pro – WordPress Timeline Plugin




Last Updated: July 9, 2020

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