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Convertplus – Popup Plugin For WordPress

The Best Popup Plugin for WordPress.

Formerly known as ConvertPlug,

ConvertPlus is the all-in-one plugin for WordPress Popup that turns your website into a powerhouse of lead generation. Build a larger, quicker and more targeted email list than ever before. In minutes, you can create beautiful pop ups and start converting visitors to your website into subscribers, social followers & customers.

WordPress popup plugin for world-class conversion optimization with over 10 + popup display positions, 12 + different triggers & filters for visitor behavior. The best thing about this popup plugin is that it has a huge library of over 100 + readymade templates that are beautifully designed & highly converted. It is the most powerful popup & lead generation plugin with features such as the exit popup, opt-in popup, slide-in popup, video popup, on-click popup, social popup, embedded forms, widget boxes, info bars.


Best Ever WordPress Website Popup Plugin!


ConvertPlus is a WordPress popup plugin that is all-in-one and most affordable to help you generate more leads and get more email subscribers. Slide-in popups, info bars, scroll boxes, inline forms, sticky notification bars, and more with a variety of elements, such as modal popups. ConvertPlus gives you the freedom to use 100 percent customizable, ready-made templates or layouts, or design one right from scratch.


ConvertPlus is easy to implement and the most comprehensive yet inexpensive opt-in plugin for WordPress that will build your email list and double your conversions, quicker and cheaper than all available tools and software for email list building.


How is ConvertPlus functioning?


Any coding or design experience is not required for ConvertPlus. This is what makes the WordPress optin plugin the best and easiest one. Just follow a few intuitive steps and in minutes you are set to go live! Create a campaign, choose a design and customize it according to your requirements, add triggers and filters, publish the module, sit back and watch how it works. Check this out for more info and a demo: How does ConvertPlus work?


Positions and Design


Popups from Modal


Commonly referred to as lightbox popups, by using triggers such as exit intent, after scroll, inactivity trigger and more, you can use them to display offers or modify opt-in popups to capture email addresses.


Boxes for Widgets


Widget boxes can be used seamlessly to implement all of them, whether you want to display a newsletter widget, a social sharing widget, op-tin widgets, a banner box or simple sidebar forms.


Inline Formulars


On your page, embed the subscription forms. Use shortcodes or one-click settings before, after or within a post on a page to display inline forms.


Info bars


Use Info Bars to boost your social shares and likes, such as notification bars, footer bars, subscription bars or add social buttons.


Popups for Slide-in


Use the highly polite and efficient opt-in forms that slide in from the corners of the user screen, Slide-in popups or scroll boxes.


Opt-ins or Popups for Video


Build engaging video pop-ups that force visitors to stop. Add a form that makes it an opt-in for a video, which also helps build an email list.


Modals on Full Screen


Is a popup from Modal too small for you? Convert it to a modal fullscreen that covers the entire screen. In addition, use it as a welcome gate or, using triggers, an exit gate.


Form Constructor for Visual Composer

The ConvertPlus addon for Visual Composer helps create inline forms with easy to use form builder elements in order to ease the implementation of ConvertPlus and Visual Composer together. To attract subscribers, generate inline forms or opt-in pages. To learn how opt-in pages can be created, click here.


Popups for Exit


Use the trigger for exit intent that tracks user interaction and displays a popup when a user is about to leave a webpage at a precise time. On-site re-targeting, i.e. re-engaging leaving visitors, can be implemented using the exit intent popups.


Popups for Countdown


Create popups for the countdown timer to show limited time offers that allow users to act quickly. Choose the style of the countdown, set an online automatic timer and design it according to your needs.


Comment forms


To capture leads, make use of the WP Comment form. Build an effective email list by adding the most active users of your website, the commenters.


Contact Formulars

To grow your email lists, commonly used contact forms can be used. To capture leads through the contact form on your website, integrate ConvertPlus with Contact Form 7.


Forms for Registration

Through the WP Registration form, increase your newsletter subscriptions. Give users the opportunity to fill out the registration form and subscribe to the newsletters that you plan to send.


Forms to Checkout

Use Email Capture Checkout Forms. Retain information about customers and create an email list of buyers who have made a transaction on your site and are likely to respond well. This is among the best opt-in forms that work to convert!


The Triggers

ConvertPlus gives you complete control over the modules’ behaviour. With 100% customizable designs, the time when users are most likely to act can be decided by you. You can count on ConvertPlus 110% to be the best WordPress email list builder with triggers such as the exit intent, the after scroll, inactivity trigger, after post, well timed trigger and more. Some examples of triggers are:


User leaves before (Exit Intent)


Message of Welcome


After a delay in time


A percentage of a page when the user scrolls


Display after an inactivity of (x) seconds


At the bottom of a post or page


When a button, text or image is clicked,


Post Before or After (inline forms)


Launching with a shortcode


You can select any trigger that suits your message, or combine multiple triggers with unlimited creative possibilities!




Are popups annoying? Not any more!

When you’re interrupting users while they are at something, popups are intrusive. Imagine, you’re reading a great blog post and with no context, a popup appears out of nowhere. These disruptions are bad and users tend to immediately close such popups as they want to go back to what they were doing. With Exit popups, Cookies & Two Step Opt-ins, this can be resolved.


Exit Intent / Popups for Exit

Popups from Exit Intent are far less intrusive. When enabled, as soon as the user is about to cross the top border of the browser window or is found moving toward the close button, ConvertPlus will monitor the cursor movements and trigger a popup. Exit popups can be used to re-engage and give additional value to abandoning visitors, to win them back again. It could be a discount coupon, an eBook offer, your latest blog post, and links to or offering any other lead magnet they are looking for on your social media channels. Onsite re-targeting is by far the best method for retaining visitors and collecting email addresses!


Timed popups well

When you are thinking of popups, timing plays an important role. You need to decide when, depending on the message it carries, a popup will be displayed. Well-timed popups or opt-in forms are those that can be displayed at a precise time when a user has just arrived on the page, for a certain period of time, and so on, when a user has been interacting on the page. All you need to do is to make note of the right time for your audience to show the right offers.


Triggers Scroll

Again, scroll triggers are those that can be set depending on the time and the content referred to by your users. On a page, the scroll trigger helps target specific areas. To display relevant messages or opt-in popups that match the content your users are reading at the time, use the scroll popups or scroll boxes.


User Trigger Inactivity

It is a common scenario for users to open a website often and then quickly abandon it without any interaction. You can use user inactivity popups or idle timer popups to show engaging messages that force users to act as you want them to do. Use these to show modules to divert users to another page, introduce them to trending offers, or simply display a pop-up video. What are you going to get out of users who stay on your site without doing anything productive for a small amount of time? Give them a chance to use inactivity popups to do so.


Initiate After Content

Users love to read exciting content. But, after they finish reading it, what happens? You still have an opportunity to attract their attention. They might want to subscribe to your newsletter or read more similar posts, since they’ve just spent enough time reading your content. Use this chance to give users what they are searching for after popups of content. Divert them to comparable posts, give them a detailed topic guide, or ask them to join your list of subscribers.


Target Specific Users and Pages

The goal of every page on your website is to target various audiences. Although each user may come with different expectations. Customizing popups is important so that they are relevant to the page on which they are displayed and deliver what the user demands. Under Personalization, this is handled.


To customize popups depending on the page, category, post, etc that they will be displayed on, use Page Level Targeting.


Use Referrer Detection to give priority to users who come from a specific domain. By selecting a domain / domains, ConvertPlus will help you detect the referrer while you can either show or hide popups.


To show device-specific popups, use Device Detection to target users viewing your website via different devices.


To keep track of users viewing your website, use the New vs. Old Filter. For them, you can show customized popups too!


Use the settings in Cookie Control to keep track of users who have successfully opted in and those who have opted in later.


To show or hide specific popups from users who have logged into your website, use the Logged-in user filter.




ConvertPlus can be seamlessly integrated with many third party email marketing and automation software, plugins and CRMs with an inbuilt lead capture tool that allows you to store and manage leads. ConvertKit Campayn Constant Contact GetResponse HubSpot iContact InfusionSoft MailJet MailPoet Mad Mimi MailChimp MyEmma MyMail RapidMailer SendinBlue SendReach Sendy TotalSend WooCommerce Contact Form plugins Active Campaign Aweber Benchmark Email Monitor


Core Functionality


Several Display Positions


Different offers and messages require different positions for targeting. ConvertPlus offers various targeting options so that you can choose a position that best suits your message or opt-in form effectively.


Styles & Templates ready-made


Use the built-in library of professionally designed templates and ready-made popups to quickly get up and running to create your own branded offer within minutes.


Live Editor in Real-time


With attractive modules created in the live editor, boost your conversion rates and effortlessly unleash your creativity. Quickly make modifications to built-in templates, without any coding skills.


Leads from Capture & Sync


An exclusive feature that generates multiple segmented email lists based on the range of offers and categories that you want to display. Capture, synchronize, handle & analyze all of your contacts in one place. Email opt-in forms or external sources such as WP Comment Forms, Contact Form 7, WP Registration Form and WooCommerce Checkout Form will capture leads and build email lists.


Technology of Exit Intent


Recover and turn them into subscribers & customers by abandoning visitors. When the visitor is about to leave your website, show customized and targeted offers on exit popups at the exact movement.


Analytics in depth


You can easily understand what works on your website with meaningful analytical graphs, so you can think of better opportunities and make data-driven decisions to increase your revenue.


Test A / B & Analyze


An unlimited number of split tests in real-time to help you find out which message is best for your audience. You can stop guessing now, test forms and make informed choices to speed up your revenue.


2-Step Technology Opt-In


Use the visitor exploration action to display customized offers by clicking on a link, image or button. This technology has been shown to amplify conversions and generate a list of quality emails.


Styles for Social Shares


Use styles of social sharing to boost social followers, shares, and likes. For social sharing, you can use modal popups, slide-in popups, info bars, sticky bars or in-line modules.


Download Convertplus – Popup Plugin For WordPress




Last Updated: November 3, 2020

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