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HTC PC Suite

HTC Sync Manager, a must have for all the HTC mobile phone users

HTC PC Suite is data synchronization software offered by HTC as the multimedia management framework for its range of cell phones. It is officially called the HTC Sync Manager, which allows users to synchronize all their media and other data shared between their Desktop and mobile phone. HTC Sync Manager provides USB drivers required for functionality when first installed, and also Adobe Air if this program is not already available for the destination PC. The installation process is simple and does not allow the phone to directly connect to the PC. Once all the necessary modules have been installed, the Windows taskbar will display an HTC Sync icon that suggests the user to attach his mobile phone. The USB link mode is set to mass-storage on the HTC system by design. The user would have to manually adjust this setting to HTC Sync Manager (or HTC Sync depending on the cell phone) or adjust the link automatically so that the HTC Sync software recognizes the handset when connecting it. It would only be able to use the HTC Sync Manager interface after the user attaches his HTC smartphone to the machine, and the app recognizes it. Otherwise it will be blocked, and it will continue to request for the addition of an HTC phone. When the phone is recognized, you can synchronize the data by clicking on the Sync Now button. Users may also opt to only synchronize those parts by selecting the relevant tab and choosing Sync to be On or Off while connecting to the phone.

The HTC Sync Manager is designed for convenience and ease of use, as all related management parts are available in the browsing main window. Synced media types include Music, Gallery, Calendar (this includes Outlook to be enabled on the PC for synchronization), Bookmarks, Notes, Locations and People, depending on the phone form. There is a Support section for first time users where all the basic operations are listed.
Overview presents HTC mobile phone information including phone type, IMEI, Firmware version, occupied and available space for all data types, Device setup for synchronization settings, and Application installer.
It allows users to synchronize files from custom folders, to automatically synchronize new folders containing music files, to sync files from iTunes and Media Player playlists, and also displays how many bytes to synchronize for all the choices.
Gallery allows users to copy camera shots from the HTC device to the PC as well as synchronize custom folders that contain photos and videos from the PC to the mobile.
In the Calendar tab, events from the PC’s Outlook or Exchange calendar applications can be synchronized on the desktop, starting from a given date. Option allows the synced calendar data to be more customised.
Users use the same settings for synchronizing contacts and have the same choices as the Calendar tab.
Bookmarks allow users to move their saved links with the enabled mobile browser from a certain web browser on the PC to the HTC app for further use on the desktop.
Reports deal with the synchronization of mails and other file types not available in the upper sections from the computer to the PC. Custom files can also be designed to be automatically synced.
Last but not least, Placements. This tab manages syncing related to GPS and navigation, and also enables synchronization of charts, updating charts, choosing licenses for other maps, and other navigation modules.
Ultimately this program aims to keep it straightforward and makes the cell phone management process as easy as possible. It has a smooth gui, functions are easy to follow and HTC users have been used to the new look.

Download HTC PC Suite 3.3.21


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