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FBackup is an powerful, free backup program

FBackup, a perfect way to back up your Mac. It offers security protection against threats such as WannaCry Ransomware or other worm-like ransom viruses by letting Google Drive back up your data online.

FBackup is one of a small community of freeware programs that operate on all of Windows’ previous and existing operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards. This covers all the functionalities needed for such an application (data backup) and brings a bonus in the fact that it also operates on server versions. FBackup was designed for simplicity , ease of use and reliability. This will automatically backup your data on the fly to any specified location regardless of destination. In the backup processes providing this method, regular ZIP compression is used, users can run before and after backup activities, and wizards are available for both backup and restore.


The main interface pops up a Getting Started window that helps beginners in different actions by providing help materials such as video and article tutorials for data backup, specific types of backups and restorations, additional shortcuts to help files and plugins. This dialog window can also be disabled when the program begins by unchecking the checkbox in the bottom left corner if necessary.
The top bar contains the most common actions used for current backups, such as New, Open, Assets, Views and even advanced options. You can also find these tools and functionalities on the File, View, Activities, Resources, and Support tab above the button. The Interface is well-defined and usability- and accessibility focused.
It’s quick to build a new job to back up. You can do this either by using the New button in the upper toolbar of the main window, by clicking on the File tab-> New Backup button or by using the Backup button in the Getting Started wizard when that window is active. After opening the backup wizard, users need to set up a name and a backup destination either locally, on an external computer, or over the network. After clicking Next the second stage of the wizard allows custom files and directories to be added to the backup, choosing backup plugins such as My Documents, My Photos, Windows Mail, Outlook Express and FBackup settings, and adding filters for inclusion or exclusion to the backup. Clicking Next brings settings for the form of backup and the encryption. In this stage, you can pick the complete backup type or the mirror type depending on user preferences, and you can set up a password to protect the backup file and anything in it. The last phase window includes a Windows scheduler-based backup plan, where the backup can be scheduled to run on a monthly , weekly, or regular basis at certain times.
The Advanced mode provides functionalities and solutions for more advanced users. The jobs can be renamed, their icons can be changed, advanced encryption and compression options will be shown for a more personalized setup and split options will be exposed.
FBackup is also very helpful with the cpu, the hard drive and the RAM about the usage of device resources. The average velocity we managed to capture was about 15-20 MB per second and the RAM capacity never reached 50 MB.
This package of features and functionalities comes right on the spot for end users who want a simple day-to-day backup solution and don’t want to worry about losing any information about their backed up data or about security. This is an excellent backup solution for quick backup and restore operations, provided that this program is also freeware.

FBackup is one of the best free backup applications you can use to secure your valuable data from any kind of threat (viruses, failure, theft, …).

Download FBackup 8.8.335


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