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If you are using a MAC you are in luck as your operating system by default contains a program that helps you to create files in PDF format. But things are a little more complicated on Windows, because you need a software installed that allows you to turn printable documents into portable (PDF) ones. These services are referred to as PDF Creators / Converters / Writers and the good part is that quite a number are available for free.

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DoPDF stands out from the crowd, because it has the smallest amount of resource usage. You simply download a 4Mb file, and you’re ready to create a PDF file in less than a minute. Here are the advantages I think doPDF has over other PDF developers after some period of using it:


It’s very free, even to commercial ends. In contrast, when installing PrimoPDF, PrimoPDF (another alternative) uses the OpenCandy installation system which basically “suggest” other programs to you. CutePDF installs the toolbar “” You have no problems with doPDF because it doesn’t install (or recommend installing) anything extra than what’s required.
No GhostScript. Many other free PDF developers use GhostScript, which is essentially the cornerstone of the conversion to PDF. Although this may seem to be no problem, it means you need to download and install another thing to be able to build PDF files. DoPDF uses its own File libraries so GhostScript doesn’t need to be enabled.
Friendly Ressource. During conversion, you can scarcely see the dopdf.exe process increase the use of CPU in task manager, because it requires negligible resources to produce PDF files.

In terms of actually using it, you have two options for generating PDF files once you have doPDF enabled. You can open the document you want to convert, go to File-Print, pick doPDF as a printer, or go to your programs and open doPDF.exe to start a kind of conversion wizard. So, it is very easy to construct a PDF.

You can also change different options in doPDF, if you need them. For example, you can adjust the format of the resulting PDF file (portrait / landscape, custom page size), you can create smaller PDF files (but lower image quality) or you can create high-quality PDF files (but larger in size), you can choose to open the PDF file after it has been generated in the default PDF reader, and finally you can insert PDF fonts into the resulting PDF file (which will make sure that the PDF looks the same on o

Basically, the decision to make when making a PDF file is if you want to keep the default settings as they are, meaning that PDF files may be smaller, but images that have a lack of quality, or whether you want to produce a PDF with a higher quality image. Any option, doPDF lets you save the PDF file right in the browser, so you don’t have to hunt down for these features somewhere else.

DoPDF is one of those programs that often comes to mind when you talk about PDF files. Not because the name is that catchy, but because you’ll be glad to have found it until you use it.

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