Download free cheat engine 6.7

cheat engine 6.7

We’ve all stumbled over seemingly impossible chances when playing a game. Typically that’s a very big issue when you’re playing a board game. If Munchkin or Cosmic Encounter happens, you’ll have no choice but to put your reputation on the line if you’re planning to … Interfere with things that favor you. No one gets angry in the world of video games though (unless you play multiplayer). Cheat codes and trainers are as old as Earth itself. The only problem is they aren’t out for every game, and the feature you want to change may not exist. Let’s say you want to see through the walls but to do that, there’s no trick. Will you ask for one thing from the Internet, or will you take matters into your own hands?

Put your hacker gloves on!

Cheat Engine just let you do that. It scores game code for finding and latching on useful variables like money, stamina, life points, gun damage or all of them! But it isn’t as easy as pressing a button. You’ll need to get a bit familiar with hexadecimals and the likes, or simply follow the tutorial included. The basics look like this: start the game you want and look at a stat you want to change, let ‘s say it’s “hit points.” You then enter the value into Cheat Engine and then scan the code for that value. If you find multiples you simply scan once again after the value of your life point has changed. That’s going to give narrow results based on that change. You simply add it to the cheat list once you’ve pinpointed it. From there on anything you need is to manually change the value and your life-points will follow through.

The cheat list (called the Address List) allows you to re-name the addresses you are searching for, so you can quickly find the ones you want. Do not forget then to save it. Cheat Engine generates a table file that can be loaded whenever certain cheats are involved.

So much for the juicy segment. Yet in fact you won’t be able to carry out any scam you ‘d like. Cheat Engine isn’t compatible with new games any more. Old games do need to behave when their window is turned on, or at least accept a windowed mode. But if you manage to pass these obstacles then the game hacking environment will become just a bit more available.


Scanner Memory
Interactive Magazine
Far more technical material

The tutorial is a favourite
Not too difficult to use

Should not work on any single player game?
It takes often a while to fish for the correct address


Cheat Engine is not just an incredibly valuable tool when cheating. If you so wish or simply use it to debug your own game, you can build a bigger challenge. In any case, you can at least try to see what stats you can fiddle with if you have any connection to PC games at all.

Download cheat engine 6.7 for free



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