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When I started writing about Adobe Reader 11 i checked to see if the latest version had not already been installed. I did have it, unsurprisingly. Which made me think of the situation I ‘d been in. Writing about Adobe Reader is like making a Window user write about the Start button. Yeah, uh … Sorry , I didn’t plan to annoy Windows 8 users any more than they already are. What I’m trying to convey here is that Adobe Reader is such a popular program that without realizing, you could even have it installed. Look up! Look up!

The red pen

Well, if you don’t already have it enabled, then you’ve never heard of PDF (portable document format) or you’re such a power user that you’ve opted for another PDF reader. Okay, in case you were curious, Adobe launched the pdf in 1993 as a way to encode documents in a standardized format, so it could be read on any type of device. Since 2008, the pdf has been standardized, and is used all over the world to share documents.

While the format is usually not meant to be edited, pdf supports an extra layer of highlights, annotations and even digital signatures and forms. Of default, Adobe Reader is designed to edit these pdf’s.

But the primary role is simply to see them. Reader has a variety of ways to take care of that. There is really strong zoom level control. You may stretch a page to the top&bottom or left&right sides, so it suits. Pages may also be rolled out or viewed one at a time, or two at a time (similar to an open book).

If you intend on reviewing the paper, there are quite a few options for annotation. Text can be highlighted in a variety of ways, including strike-through, underline, or only yellow highlight. You can add extra details in the form of sticky notes, audio recordings and even video recordings (if you feel like conveying more than a thousand words). You may also add digital approval stamps (or if you are out of real ink) just to give it an official feel.


Remarks-apply notes to a text
Searching Word & Phrase-over several documents
Safe mode-limits the access to
Attributes-Digital elements fill in
Signature-Sign a document digitally

More interesting features relate to editing sharing and uploading to cloud storage, but these are paid services and are not included in the free version.

Very common. In the other hand, you should make sure that the annotations are read correctly.
Specific viewing styles.
Expanded. You can add additional features via a 12 month subscription.

Something slow.
Bottom line
The default option for reading PDF files is Adobe Acrobat. You can’t go wrong with this and it’s a software you should have already loaded.

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