10 Best Multi Vendor WordPress Themes 2020

10 Best Multi Vendor WordPress Themes

These multi-vendor WordPress themes can help you get started if you want to create your own e-commerce marketplace.

These themes work with all of the best e-commerce plugins available today, designed to create stores where multiple vendors can sign up and start listing their products for sale on your WordPress website.

You can use them in the single vendor mode, as well as to create a multi vendor platform, thanks to the templates that come with these themes. This gives you the option of launching your store with just your own products, once you have attracted some additional sellers, with the ability to switch to multi-vendor marketplace mode.

These themes enable you to build a marketplace by installing the recommended third-party plugins, such as WooCommerce and Dokan, where you can earn commission on the products sold by your suppliers or monetize your site by charging a sign-up fee to the sellers on your site.

Since the best WordPress multi-vendor themes are highly flexible, there is no limit to the type of e-commerce marketplace you can create with them or the kinds of products that can be sold.

1. Dealsdot


Dealsdot is a WordPress multi-vendor theme focused on creating coupon sites and deal sites.

Although Dealsdot can be used as a theme for a regular multi-vendor marketplace where users can sign up and submit their products for sale, it also works well for building sites that list deals and coupons. You can give your registered users the ability to submit deals and coupons on your site, rather than products, thanks to the excellent levels of multi-vendor support. These could be deals and coupons for their own companies or ones they’ve found elsewhere, depending on the type of site you’re creating.

You can get started on your website quickly as soon as you have installed this theme, as Dealsdot comes with two fully formed multi-vendor marketplace ecommerce store demos. For any type of product or industry, the store demos work well, so whatever kinds of items, deals, and coupons you would like to promote on your website, these demos should be appropriate.

The Dealsdot demos include many of the common features that you would expect to find on an e-commerce platform to give your store or website a professional look that will reassure your visitors that they have landed on a legitimate site. This includes well-designed slideshows to showcase your best products, deals, or coupons; high-quality templates of product pages complete with picture galleries, tabbed areas, and a section of related products; and a powerful search tool that can help your visitors find exactly what they are looking for. It is fair to say that you would be able to build a website that looks like Alibaba and Aliexpress with WordPress and this theme, based on the appearance of the Dealsdot templates.

Dealsdot has been built to work with the WooCommerce plugin, like many of the best multi vendor themes. Thanks to this, via the huge library of extensions available for WooCommerce, including the many multi-vendor add-ons, you can add almost any e-commerce functionality to your store.

This theme has all the features you should need for your multi vendor store, if you like the look of the Dealsdot templates.

2. Urna


Urna is a theme of WooCommerce that has been specifically designed to create multi-vendor markets.

Urna works with all of the leading e-commerce solutions for this type of project to help you set up your multi-vendor platform in the correct way. This involves Dokan and all of the other WooCommerce multi-vendor add-ons available, such as WCFM and WC Vendors. Thanks to this, you get complete control over all of your store’s e-commerce and multi-seller aspects.

Once you have decided that Urna is the right multi-vendor theme for your website, you can start work by adding the demo files to your WordPress admin area using the one-click installer. Your first task, however, is to choose which of the 29 e-commerce store demos you want for your website to use. You should be able to find a suitable option from Urna as these demos include multi seller marketplace options.

All the plugins included in the Urna theme package will be installed with the demo content as part of the setup process, ready for you to use. Slider Revolution, WooCommerce Products Filter, and WPBakery Page Builder include some examples of the plugins that come with Urna. The Elementor and WPBakery Page Builder plugins can also be used to customize the Urna theme templates.

Because of all the settings and options available to you, it’s good to see that Urna comes with a series of video tutorials and written documentation to help you install and use this theme, as building a multi-vendor marketplace has the potential to become a bit confusing.

Urna works with any type of product, so this theme should be appropriate no matter what is listed in your marketplace.

3. Martify



To help you launch your multi-vendor e-commerce store quickly, Martify has five different demos.

For listing tech and gadget style items, the demos in the Martify theme package have been set up, so if your marketplace sells this type of product, this theme might be a good option. However, there is also a furniture store demo there, and because of their relatively neutral look, all the demos should work with other types of products. Your store should look great when using Martify once you’ve uploaded your own product photos and replaced the rest of the demo content.

The Martify templates have all the elements you would expect to find at an e-commerce store to ensure that your marketplace has the premium look you’re after. This involves a fluid and mobile-responsive design, large sliders to showcase your key products, and hover-activated tooltips and icons for interactive product displays.

Martify ‘s deal of the day feature is an optional addition that you can use in your store to promote any special promotions you run. There is a countdown timer for the deal of the day widget to let your clients see exactly when the deal expires, as well as a ticker that shows how many of the deal items are left in stock. This feature is very versatile, so you can easily define the terms of the deal and even execute multiple deals every day, with the option of including products in each deal from different categories.

Martify aims to provide you with everything when building your e-commerce platform that will take you from start to finish.


4. Rigid


Rigid has recently been updated to give more to individuals with WordPress who create multi-vendor stores.

After releasing the new version of Rigid, if you choose this theme, you’ll get access to a fully up-to – date set of templates. Not only that, but because this theme has been specifically developed to create multi-vendor markets, these templates will work very well to create this kind of e-commerce platform for multi-sellers. An Etsy-style option is among the demos of Rigid, which could be a great choice if you want to sell craft and handmade products on your market.

There are also options for selling sneakers and running shoes, fashion items, and other sport-related products, as well as the Etsy-inspired marketplace demo. There is more of a neutral style to the rest of the demos, which means they should work with any kind of product. The main differences between the choice of neutral demos are the layouts and the elements on their homepages that they include.

They have all been designed to a very high standard when it comes to the homepage templates in the Rigid package. Large panels with a video background, interactive product grids with hover-activated icons, and signup forms that allow your customers to join your email list are some of the elements included on the homepage. Rigid has all the templates needed for that, as well as the pre-built content for all the other pages you will usually find at an online shop, if you want to add a blog to your multi-vendor store.

As Rigid works with all of the best WordPress e-commerce add-ons, when building your multi-vendor marketplace, you don’t have to worry about a lack of features. You may need to buy a few additional add-ons to get your website working exactly as you want, like many of the best themes of this type, but all the core features for creating an online shop are included in the Rigid package.

Rigid is a strong e-commerce theme that has all the well-designed templates that your store needs.

5. eLab


For creating multi vendor stores, eLab is a purpose-built WooCommerce marketplace theme.

There are four reasons for choosing this theme for your marketplace, according to eLab developers: its stylish design, fast loading times, secure code, and mobile-friendliness. It is fair to say that the templates do look very good after checking out the demos, and they are also easy to access on a smartphone. Based on the rest of your e-commerce store environment, loading times and site security will vary, including your choice of web host and any third-party plugins that you install.

The online demos are ready for you to explore, and as they cover a range of product types, there should be one that is a close match for your marketplace if you want to see for yourself how your store could look if you choose eLab. As usual, you can easily tweak the demos to meet your needs, even if there is no store demo that has been created to sell the same type of products you are going to promote.

The demos all have various layouts, so with the eLab theme, you really get a good range of creative options. Some are more focused on providing a creative web design experience , for example, while others have layouts that give you the ability to list as many products as possible on your homepage for sale. The former would work especially well for selling high-end products where you need to do more than simply show a photo of an item to generate a sale, such as the latest gadgets or accessories, whereas the latter type of templates is more suited to low-priced items that have multiple variations, such as phone chargers.

Once you’ve imported a demo, you can make as many modifications to it as necessary quickly. You get full creative control over how your store will look when it goes live thanks to the bundled in-house X Builder content editor tool that was created by the theme developers.

As well as all of the above, via full compatibility with the popular WPML plugin, eLab has good multilingual support.

6. Vendify


Vendify has some eye-catching templates that are a departure from the typical e-commerce theme designs.

The Vendify theme should appeal to a specific segment of the target audience of the ecommerce theme with bright colors and bold layouts. Because of this, if you’re looking for a set of templates to help you create an online shop in a traditional style that looks a bit like Amazon, then this might not be the theme for you. Instead, Vendify should be a good match for anyone who wants to give a more dynamic and distinct look to their multi-vendor platform, which could be a better choice than a more standard design to promote the type of products they sell.

The Vendify homepage layout has a section at the top for displaying a large background image to give your store the correct look. This could be a picture or an aspirational image of your product in use that can help your brand connect with your target audience. The rest of the homepage layout of the default marketplace has product grids to display photos of your inventory in a stylish way, a panel to highlight your featured vendors, and a feed of your blog’s latest posts.

Vendify also has well-designed templates for the supplier and customer dashboards on your e-commerce marketplace in addition to the appealing storefront templates. Hopefully, this should allow you to provide your vendors with a positive user experience and prevent any frustration they might otherwise experience.

Although the Vendify templates look impressive, exactly as they come with this theme, you’re not locked into using them. Although Vendify does not come with a bundled page builder plugin, you can use a third-party content editor to choose from or simply use the latest version of the WordPress editor to use the blocks system to customize your store.

Vendify isn’t going to be right for everyone, but with some nice templates, you’ll get a solid theme if it works for your store.


7. Marketo’s


With nine eCommerce store demos, Marketo is a multipurpose marketplace theme.

This is a theme with a lot of potential, whether you find a demo in the Marketo package that is an exact match for your vision, or you decide to edit one of the demos and adjust it to meet your requirements. As a well-established multi-vendor theme, Marketo could be a safe bet for your e-commerce platform with a positive rating from its users. However, despite being around for a while, Marketo isn’t at all out of date. You now get access to a complete set of modern templates covering the nine stylish e-commerce store demos thanks to a recent update.

Marketo’s feature list is not lacking either. There are multiple header layouts to choose from to help you get your store looking just right, giving you some varied options for how this key aspect of your website might look. You can change your store’s overall personality quickly, too, simply by changing the color palette. You can just press a button to implement a new color scheme, rather than having to adjust all the individual colors that are in use on your website. Alternatively, to personalize your store and handpick the colors and fonts that are used throughout your website, you can also take a more granular approach.

Another way you can define how your store looks is to choose which templates to show your products using. You can select the best option based on the type of product you will sell and your personal preferences, as Marketo comes with multiple product templates. Marketo also has multiple header layouts, including a few mega menu options that let you display extra content in your drop-down menu areas, such as product images.

With good support from Elementor and many other customization options, Marketo is a versatile multi-vendor theme.


8. EMarket


For all types of online stores, eMarket aims to be a very versatile e-commerce theme.

In this theme package, eMarket seems to be focused on becoming one of the most flexible and good all-around ecommerce themes available today with over 22 homepage demos. Over the years, more and more eMarket demos have been added, and more templates are on the way, based on the marketing material. You get access to a wide range of layouts at the moment to help you build almost any type of WordPress store, including e-commerce markets for multiple vendors.

If you take a look at the eMarket website, you will see that a wide range of e-commerce projects are really covered by the theme demos. There are plenty of product types and categories covered by these demos, from gaming and gadgets to fashion and furniture. In addition, because they are all highly configurable, you can adjust them to better suit your needs quickly.

This theme comes with the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin, included at no extra cost, to help you to get the templates looking exactly as you want. The popular Elementor page builder plugin is also fully compatible with eMarket, so you can use that tool instead, too. Other customization features, such as unlimited color options and various layouts, give you plenty of scope for your multi-vendor marketplace to be customized.

EMarket has a lot of built-in features for you to use in your store when it comes to e-commerce features. For instance, an auto-complete feature of the AJAX live search tool displays images in its live results to help your customers find what they are looking for, while the support for adding variations to your products, such as colors and sizes, also works really well. The add-to-cart functionality powered by AJAX will give a premium look to your store, and the wish list and product comparison tools are also sure to come in handy.

To help improve your multi-vendor platform, eMarket has some really useful e-commerce features.


9. Martfury


Martfury is compatible with all of WordPress’ leading multi vendor plugins.

Since this theme has been specifically developed for maximum compatibility with the most popular WordPress multi-vendor plugins, including Dokan, WC Vendors, WC Marketplace, and WCFM Marketplace, there is a good chance that you will have no problem adding the multi-vendor feature to your website in the way you want.

Of the product types for which Martfury works best, the primary categories are electronics, gadgets, and clothing. The 10 demos in the theme package, however, are also highly customizable, so you can adjust them easily to better suit the items listed on your marketplace. With either the WPBakery Page Builder included or the popular Elementor plugin, the templates can all be edited. You could also install a page builder of your own choice, but the two tools explicitly supported by Martfury are WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor.

Although some of the demos are aimed at those creating single vendor e-commerce stores, the Martfury package contains a good selection of multi vendor marketplace demos. Thanks to this, you will discover that templates are available for all the pages that you and your suppliers need to create to manage their product listings and accounts. All the multi-vendor marketplace demos are also highly mobile-friendly, and by scanning the QR codes on the Martfury website to quickly launch them on your smartphone device, you can easily test them yourself.

Martfury also does not lack in this area when it comes to e-commerce features. There is a product deal feature that allows you to add time-sensitive promotions to your marketplace to promote sales and a trending search widget that shares the popular terms that visitors are looking for in your store. The recently viewed product panel reminds the shoppers of what they last looked at, with a link that, if they want to add it to their cart, takes them back to that item.

Martfury has consistently received positive feedback from those who have purchased it since its initial release.


10. iBid


IBid is a WordPress multi-vendor theme on your website with support for running auctions.

This theme can make that possible if you would like your vendors to be able to list their products for sale in an auction format. In single or multi vendor mode, the demos can all be used, with auctions enabled or disabled depending on your preferences. Thanks to this, when creating your e-commerce platform, there are many ways to configure this theme.

You can also use many of the other e-commerce features of this theme to create a custom multi-vendor website with WordPress, whether or not you decide to enable the auction functionality of iBid. The sortable table tool for creating product comparison displays, the countdown timers that can be used for deals as well as time-sensitive auctions are some examples of these features, and the social login feature that makes it easier for new customers to sign up and log in using their current social media accounts at your store.

As well as iBid ‘s flexible e-commerce features, the templates are also extremely versatile. As well as a good selection of single product templates, there are multiple grid layouts for displaying all the products in a specific category. You can display your products in the correct way because you have access to all of these different templates, based on the type of inventory you and your suppliers list. In addition, as this theme comes with the powerful WPBakery Page Builder plugin, through a drag-and – drop user interface, you can open all of those templates for editing.

IBid also works with the WPML plugin to help you create a multilingual e-commerce store, in addition to right-to-left text support. You can unlock additional functionality to translate your multi vendor store and its products into more than one language thanks to compatibility with the Dokan WPML add-on.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your multi-vendor store’s design, check out some varied ideas in the iBid demos.

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