10 Best Free Music WordPress Themes 2020

10 Best Free Music WordPress Themes 2020

In addition to the music, both have something in common, whether you’re a DJ looking to promote your next set or a voice teacher offering lessons, a need for a stunning website that captivates visitors. One of the best content management systems on the planet is WordPress. However, it would be daunting for most individuals to design a WordPress site completely from scratch. You can opt for an eye-catching WordPress theme for music instead of going that route.

There are both free and premium options available out there, and your specific needs will depend on which direction you go in. A good place to start your hunt on that front would be our collection of the best music WordPress themes. But you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for something that’s 100 percent free.

This collection includes WordPress themes for top-tier music only. For both beginners and more advanced designers, all are free and all include an impressive number of features. Let’s get there!

1. Astra


Astra is fast, fully customizable & beautiful WordPress theme for blog, personal portfolio, company website and storefront WooCommerce. It is very lightweight and offers unparalleled speed (less than 50 KB on the front end). Built with SEO in mind, Astra has integrated Schema.org code and is Native AMP ready for your website to be loved by search engines. It provides unique features and templates so that it works perfectly with all page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc.

2. Euphony


By providing the precise feature set these folks need to launch an effective website, the free Euphony theme should serve musicians and bands well. The design is quite minimal in itself, but don’t let that discourage you. Minimal doesn’t mean lack of characteristics. In reality, it simply means that the design uses a lot of white space to ensure that the data you want to get through is displayed prominently and without distraction.

Now, a few features offered by this theme include a portfolio, testimonials, a section of services, and content and sliders featured. This enables you to easily display your best work as well as information on your rates, services, and what previous clients have thought about your job. It also comes with a sticky playlist, so while visitors browse, your latest hits can play in the background. For solo artists and bands, the Euphony theme can work, but it also has characteristics that would serve podcasts, DJs, and music enthusiasts.

On mobile devices, the design is responsive and looks great. It’s also translation-ready, and while there is a premium version available, for those getting started, the free offer is feature-rich and a great choice. Feel free to customize this theme’s look and feel, and eventually, you’ll ensure that your music reaches its intended audience.

3. Audioman


Another great WordPress theme for free music worth considering is called Audioman. This one has a bit of a more modern style that is strongly aimed at performing bands and musicians. Promoting music events is its primary focus, and to make this possible and easy, it has the right feature set. It includes a number of modules that are easy to use and can be configured to create a unique and compelling site.

What we have come to expect from a free WordPress theme is the feature set. That’s not a bad thing, however; what’s included here is more than enough to launch a fully functional site that is aesthetically pleasing as well. Featured images and sliders, a featured content section, hero content, and a playlist widget are a few standout features that allow you to showcase your best front and center tunes. As they browse, visitors can listen to your music. How cool is that?

Plus, Audioman supports portfolios and testimonials so that previous customers or even fans can show off your discography and feature quotes. This responsive theme looks great on all devices and includes social media integration to make building an audience easier and more intuitive. If you’re looking to create a professional site for your music, Audioman is certainly a theme worthy of your consideration.

4. My Music Band


Create a professional and simple website with the My Music Band WordPress theme for your band or as a solo artist. It’s focused on music, of course, but it has an overall business feeling, which can be a great thing if you are a musician who plays at corporate events. The sort of tone you want can be conveyed by an element of seriousness in design. The theme itself is feature-rich and can be customized to suit a wide range of purposes as well as genres.

For example, the layout is responsive and works well on any device on which you view it. It is also flexible in that you can use a variety of features to create a site that best suits your needs or opt out of them. Many of the requirements, such as a featured slider, featured content, and hero content, include a few notable features. It also supports a portfolio, playlists, and offers multiple color choices to choose from, so you can easily customize the theme to fit your brand. This theme still does a great job of keeping your music front and center, even though the vibe here is distinctly business, which is exactly how it should be.

5. Musicsong


Any type of musician or band looking to promote their work online and create a virtual portfolio for themselves can use Musicsong. It has a clean and professional look that is well-suited to any genre or style of music, as well as any type of worker in the music industry. That being said, Musicsong certainly has an overall look that specifically caters to musicians performing or touring because it is designed to be used to promote events and concerts.

This theme contains many other features from music themes that we have come to expect, such as featured sliders and content, support for playlists, integration of social media, as well as specific page templates for artists, tours, collections, and albums. It also supports a blog and the option of using a sidebar is included.

What I like about this theme most is the playlist’s appearance. It’s large and prominent, enabling visitors to access your music immediately and play it directly on your site. What better way to get a taste of what you’re all about musically for a potential listener than to let them listen to it this way? Much better than telling people, if you ask me, to look up your music on Spotify.


6. Music Freak


The Music Freak WordPress theme provides a simple yet stylish design that would suit the needs of solo artists, bands, DJs, promoters, and anyone else in the music industry. This theme offers plenty of opportunities to show images and graphics in high resolution to attract visitors. It is also customizable, so that you can adjust the colors, layout, and overall look and feel to suit your particular needs and meet your visitors’ expectations. You can always visit other musicians’ websites to see what they have and how they lay out their content for inspiration if you are unsure of what visitors might expect.

This theme is quite easy, but it supports formatted audio and video posts, standard blog posts, and includes integration into social media so that visitors can easily find and follow you on all popular social platforms. To discuss your albums or collections in a convenient way, you can also dedicate space. For musicians who need to get a site launched quickly, I ‘d say Music Freak is a great starter theme. It looks great and functions well. Those who require a more robust feature set, however, might want to look elsewhere.




Music Lite is a surprisingly robust WordPress theme for your music website that you’ll definitely want to consider. It looks highly professional at first glance at the demo and conveys the impression that the site owner must be super legit. For anyone in the music industry, including singers, orchestral performers, bands, DJs, and anyone else in some way related to the sector, it would work well. It would suit other performers as well, such as speakers, podcasts, and comedians, since it allows for event promotion. It has a super engaging design, including a prominent widget that highlights upcoming shows and events, that draws your eye to all the right places.

The default WordPress audio player also works with this theme, allowing you to highlight playlists and let visitors sample your music without ever having to leave your site for a music service. It also supports the plugin Organic Customizer Widgets, which makes building new pages and creating content sections that are not pre-made for this theme super easy. You can create custom pages with it for your albums, members of the band, events, history, and more. This is aside from the standard WordPress customizations you can make, such as adjusting fonts and color schemes.

Plus, for Gutenberg, this theme is optimized, so you don’t need to know any code to make more complex layout modifications. A premium version of Music Lite is available, but with features to try, the free version is loaded, which is always a promising start.

8. Musical Vibe


For musicians and music lovers alike, Musical Vibe is another fantastic WordPress theme worth considering. It has a very attractive design that looks all-business on the surface, but the colors you choose and the main header or slider images you select could easily give it more personality. For bands and solo acts, as well as other performing artists, this theme is entirely workable. It is simple to customize and relies on visual edits. To make the most of this theme, no coding is required.

The Musical Vibe theme is responsive, so on any device, it’ll look great. It’s also translation-ready, so you can speak to anyone, anywhere in the world, and reach anyone. A bar at the top of the homepage that you can use to display your contact details and social media accounts is supported. Plus, it includes page templates and sections for photos , videos, audio, a contact form, and a blog.

It also supports testimonials and, particularly thanks to its popular call-to – action buttons, the slider on the homepage is immediately engaging. It has e-commerce integration as well. Musical Vibe is a highly effective theme, all in all, and would serve anyone well in the music industry. Just be sure that your look suits your preferences before you dive headlong.


9. Music Club Lite


Music Club Lite is an extremely professional free theme that provides the world with a stylish option to showcase your work. It has a really modern design that is minimal as well as feature-rich. The design is smooth and sleek and uses a pseudo one-page style to quickly convey the most significant bits of your music. As visitors scroll down the homepage, they’ll be treated to details about the artist, a gallery preview, audio clips, blog post previews, and more. This way, visitors can take a cursory glance and get a strong sense of who you are and what you’re about.

It is mobile responsive, so on any device it looks good, which means that on desktops, smartphones, and everything in between, all buttons and layouts are efficient and functional. Insert audio files directly to your site, configure scrolling effects for parallax, list upcoming events, show people where to buy tickets, and display your previous albums. The album section is clever and features record images that spin on hover. Feature videos, highlight bios of artists, insert video clips at full width, and so much more. This theme is well-rounded and would serve any touring or performing artist well.

10. Surplus Concert


The Surplus Concert is immediately eye-catching, and it does not seem to be free in any way. At first glance, that is. This responsive theme is made for musicians and artists of all types and can be used extensively for promoting live music events. However, other performers could easily make use of it as well, such as comedians, public speakers, instrumentalists, and more. It comes equipped with several sections with custom content about the artist, upcoming events, and photos that you can fill in.

The theme itself relies on visual editing, so you don’t have to touch a line of code to achieve the precise look you want. The header, sliders, footer, and social media links include a few areas you can customize. Plus, you can change the configuration of the sidebar layout, use breadcrumbs and post excerpts, and more. Surplus Concert is responsive and translation-ready, plus a click is sure to be encouraged by the prominent calls to action in the homepage slider. This is yet another strong selection for touring musicians and artists.

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