10 Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes 2020

10 Best Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes

A multipurpose WordPress theme is going to be your best bet when you’re set to build a website that will cover a lot of different topics or needs built-in flexibility. Multipurpose themes provide a variety of features and design options that can be tailored to suit a broad range of situations. In addition, these themes often refer to one of two distinct styles: they are either fairly traditional and can be customized for a particular industry or come with tons of layouts, each relevant to a different industry.

It’s not uncommon to come across WordPress multi-purpose themes that include dozens of demos that you can import with a single click, each for a different niche. This saves you on setup and the notion of an all-in-one or multipurpose WordPress theme also lends itself well. With different price tags, many of the best multipurpose WordPress themes are premium options, but you can also get some decent selections for free.

Today, we will explore some free WordPress themes that are in every way truly multipurpose.


1. Sydney


The Sydney WordPress theme comes first on our list. It really is a multi-purpose theme that is an ideal choice for large and small companies alike. It works fantastically for any service-based company to build a portfolio or online presence.

To choose from, you have a full range of customization options. Sydney comes with Google Fonts and allows the layout and colors you use on your site to be totally controlled. To show your best services , products, or current news items, you can add a custom logo and header image, as well as customize a full-screen slider.

Sticky navigation as well as full compatibility with the Elementor page builder are other features. Since Sydney provides a solid degree of control over the layout and appearance of your site, it is a good choice for professional sites that require in-depth features without complications in setup.

Display your team information, feature blog posts, and configure the built-in contact form to make it easy to get new customers.

2. Airi


Another great multipurpose option is the Airi WordPress theme. It’s incredibly versatile and simple to use and can give a professional appearance to any site. The theme itself is lightweight, so the speed of the site will not ever be a problem. It also integrates with Elementor seamlessly, so customization is a snap. With just a few clicks and without having to build anything from scratch, you can switch around the layout, change colors, and select from a variety of other design options.

You can choose a pre-made Elementor layout to go along with the theme when you use Airi with Elementor. This reduces the setup time and ensures that you show the characteristics that matter most to you, front and center. Additionally, thanks to full WooCommerce support, you can use this theme for e-commerce sites as well.

Airi is an eye-catching, professional-looking WordPress theme that can be customized to work for almost any niche, but is a natural fit for company sites, portfolios of agencies, and online stores in corporate style.

3. Astra


Another multipurpose theme that would work for most site types is the Astra WordPress theme. It’s clean, professional, easy to look at, and that’s just to begin with. This theme is super powerful and comes with a variety of pre-built website demos from which you can select, so that you can get a new website up and running with a standard theme in a fraction of the time. These starter templates run the range of subject areas, so it should be pretty easy to find something to suit your business or site topic.

Astra also enables you to make multiple customizations without diving into the code of the theme. It works with the most popular page builders, so it should also be easy to handle if further customization is something that you expect. You can opt out of using the page title or sidebar and, if you want, just use full-width pages as well.

Thanks to its lightweight framework, this multipurpose theme is designed for speed and runs smoothly. You can also choose from a range of options for headers, colors , fonts, and more than we can possibly delve into here. Just know that Astra is really a solid theme, and if you need to quickly launch a new website and want an out-of-the-box solution, this could just fit the bill.

4. GeneratePress


Here is another great WordPress multipurpose theme you ought to know about. GeneratePress is feature-rich and works with Beaver Builder as well as Elementor, so it should never be an issue to customize. It optimizes speed, so it loads quickly. This is essential for the placement of user experience, conversions, and search engine results. Lightweight and small, the theme itself takes up minimal space on your server. The code is clean and optimized, so there’s no bloat upon install.

GeneratePress, with validated HTML and built-in schema.org structured data, is also optimized for SEO. Through search engines, this makes your site much easier to find. In my opinion, another great plus here is the fact that this theme is accessible. It follows the standards of WCAG 2.0 and is accessible to those who use screen readers.

As far as customization goes, via the WordPress Customizer or through a page builder, you can adjust the layout, change colors and typography, and many other factors. How you choose to customize this theme is up to you, but one aspect is a sure thing: it is versatile, functional, and will serve most companies well.

5. Neve


Neve is another WordPress multipurpose theme that you ought to try out. It was developed to be mobile-first and compatible with AMP and most of the currently available top page builders. By removing some of the barriers to site creation and adding features that would not normally be accessible to beginners, this theme streamlines the website building process.

Lightweight and quick is the theme itself. On PageSpeed Insights it has a fantastic score and loads in well under a second. This means that when you first start out, your site will not be bloated and you can be more aware of file size and load times with the content and media files you add, rather than having to worry about minimizing the impact of the theme on load times.

You get access to a ton of options for customization as well. Using a drag-and – drop interface, you can change the headers and footers, control the layout and width of each page, and rearrange elements. For a portfolio, Neve would work well, but it could be used for any kind of business site and offers a wide range of features and tools that make it a snap to launch a new site.

6. OceanWP


OceanWP can be used for any type of website thanks to its use of tons of demos that cover a wide range of niches. For instance, you can import a demo for a restaurant and use it, just as you could import a demo more tailored to the corporate set. This versatility makes OceanWP a standout.

OceanWP is responsive and built to be SEO optimized straight out of the box as far as the characteristics go. It’s also designed to load quickly and is both translation and RTL ready, so you can use it for an international audience as well.

However, its e-commerce integration is the top feature you need to know about. OceanWP integrates beautifully with WooCommerce and makes full use of all features of this online store platform. If you decide that you want to create an online store after you have also launched a regular website, this is ideal. On that occasion, OceanWP makes it possible to always leave the door open without having to switch to a completely new theme later on.

Finally, there is complete support available, so all your questions will be answered in a timely manner. This theme is lovely to look at and also has the characteristics to back up the aesthetic.

7. Zakra


Zakra is yet another multipurpose WordPress theme you should consider. This one is fully equipped with a wide range of features you can use to build any type of site you wish in a fraction of the time it would take you if you tried to design a site yourself. With regard to features and functionality, this theme checks all the boxes that need to be checked. It has site velocity, security, and SEO on lock, for example. If the more generic corporate look isn’t your thing, it also comes with a ton of pre-made demos that you can install with a single click and use to build a site in a particular niche.

You’ll be pleased to note how easy it is to customize once you’ve selected your demo. Of course, Zakra uses the built-in WordPress Customizer, but it also enables individual page settings that make the design of each page switch and function a snap. It’s also an incredibly lightweight theme, meaning faster load times and a better overall performance experience for visitors to your site. WooCommerce integration is also included here, which is a must if you ever wish to launch an online store.

A few other features worthy of note include responsive design, compatibility with most popular page builders, AMP readiness, as well as the fact it’s WPML compatible and translation-ready. Full support is also a huge plus here, so in your site design efforts you’ll never be alone. All in all, thanks to a healthy selection of demos, a solid foundation that prioritizes site speed, and customization options that allow for creativity, Zakra is a robust WordPress theme that fits the multipurpose bill.


8. Blocksy


Blocksy offers an up-to – date design and a strong foundation onto which you can easily build a website for any business. You can use it with Gutenberg easily to customize just about every aspect to best suit your needs. It also works with all the most popular plugins for WordPress page builder out there, such as Brizy, Elementor, and Beaver Builder, so you don’t have to compromise on your website’s look and feel, you can achieve the precise look you envision.

The design here is mobile-friendly and responsive. It is also optimized for SEO and ready for translation, so potential visitors and/or customers can easily find your site. It also comes with WooCommerce integration, so if you’d like, you can set up an online shop or even add one at a later date. One word of caution: this theme is designed to work best with modern browsers, so if your target audience includes those that might use older browsers or older tech in general, Blocksy might not be the right choice for your company website.

9. Rife


Rife Free is a WordPress multipurpose theme that comes with seven demos that you can immediately use, each covering a slightly different niche. Whether you’re a blogger, online store owner, or photographer, you can find something that suits your needs. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce, so it should be fairly simple to start an online store with it. It’s also full of features that help in creating, customizing, and publishing sites.

For example, you can expect a one-page design layout, mobile-friendliness and responsive design, video slider support, and built-in masonry gallery functionality should you install this theme. Mega menus, post grids, and Google Fonts are also supported by it. If you wish to create a fullscreen layout, you can even hide the sidebar.

A number of customization options are at your disposal. Rife cites 450 options, to be precise, which means that without having to add features via a bunch of external plugins, you can create precisely the type of site you want. And if that’s still not enough, you can use Elementor to make even further customizations. Although Rife Free does not have as many demo alternatives as some of the other themes listed here, it still offers a solid offering.



The Sinatra WordPress theme is a great choice if a simple and understated look is what you are going for. Thanks to its ability to be customized to suit just about any sort of niche, this theme is also a multipurpose option. For blogs, corporate sites, online stores, portfolios, and service industry sites, it has the characteristics and aesthetics. It can be used by restaurants and photographers alike, which is exactly why it’s so appealing.

A minimal layout with a clean design features Sinatra. Crisp is the default color scheme. To let your material do the talking, lots of whitespace is used. This theme is not just about looks, though. It is also performing well. It integrates with Gutenberg and works with the constructors of the top page. It’s highly compatible with top plugins like WooCommerce and Jetpack.

All the usual design aspects, such as colors , fonts, and individual page layouts, can also be adjusted. Sinatra also comes with some pre-built demos, so when it comes to the design flow and characteristics you need, you will not find yourself having to fit a square peg into a circular hole. This is a nice all-around theme to have in the toolbox.

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