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HAGO-Play With New Friends Description

Hago has received much love from the players around the globe with over 100 million downloads. Download games, channels, voice chatting and have endless fun. For all social and casual needs Hago can be your getaway.

Games (80 +):
180 seconds of endless fun and more than 80 games to play, that’s your new addiction. Ready to hang on?

PVP (Live Battles):
When the rewards are huge, adversaries become friends. To rule the world, battle it out with friends and strangers.

Build your very own Channel world. In your channels of choice have your own identity. You are the Hago Star-express yourself and make the world impressive.

Make Friends through Voice Chat:
Voice Chat with partners in your game and chat with friends in the room. Hit the right notes and who knows you could land a date for yourself.

Games Play, make friends!

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